Slow marketing whitepaper

Slow marketing - whitepaper

May 10, 2022 by Martin Skrivanek

It is the time to face The Big Ego and evolve from it. In life as well as in marketing. Marketing suffers from selfie syndrome big time. It is all Me, Me, Me. “Look at me, ... I can do that… I’m the best because ….”

If it finally turns to the audience it is the language of oppression „You can be beautiful in just three weeks!“ „Buy AB and be the man who women love.“ With XYapp even your boss will fear you.“ In this atmosphere of false respect and lack, we’re creating a vicious circle. Just buy this and then all your flaws and problems will go away.

„Take the pill Neo and everything will be just fine.“

Enough of this. Enough of fake Instagram lives, offers better than reality, look-at-me style of marketing. It’s time to appreciate ourselves as we are. To add meaning and joy to what we’re doing. And to share it with others. To share authenticity and real appreciation. Because the real meaning is in contributing to others. It’s time to slow down. Slow marketing is here to bring back the real connection.

The pillars of Slow marketing approach are:

Authenticity: You are unique as you are

We don’t need to fit into some ideal ready-made image of ourselves. In fact, we shouldn’t. In an attempt to be liked we are neglecting those best qualities which make us who we are. The qualities for which other people are able to like us. The internet is full of teflon man and plastic women and super-successful companies. This race is already overcrowded. And there's no margin for error either. In an attempt to win there you need to sell your soul to the devil. Let’s pick another one, shall we? Your own.

If you’re running your own race you cannot lose.

And if you can’t lose why don’t you just enjoy the process? There’s no pressure to be perfect. To be always shinnying beyond belief. To be out-performing. In your own race, to be you is enough. Your race, your rules. What those would be? Why are you doing what you are doing? Check on your values, your why’s, and even your teenage dreams. Is there anything that makes you feel good inside? Maybe you just found your passion. Follow it.

Vision: Trust your vision

…and emotions behind it. What is making your vision so desirable? The emotion behind it. If we are true to ourselves we don’t want to accomplish something because of the goal itself, or social status. But because of how we are going to feel. Emotions are amazing. We don’t even need to reach the distant vision, we can transplant the emotion to this exact moment. Do you want to build a house to feel happy? Do you want to travel to feel adventurous?

Connect with that mental image, with feeling.

It will lead you in the desired way. Because vision is like a signpost pointing us in some direction. Trust it. Trust your emotion. Trust yourself.

Service: How can you serve others?

To serve is the core of any service. And yet a lot of entrepreneurs don't know how to serve their customers right. And the reason? You guessed it. The Big ego. If we think we know something we are making an unsolicited assumption. Our hypothesis can range from a visionary idea to a wish in the clouds. Do you want to take the risk? Even if the remedy is so simple?

Sometimes we are ashamed to ask. Sometimes we think that we know better.

"I know, that I know nothing,"

said Sokrates two thousand years ago. Still rings true today. Put your Big Ego aside and just ask: "How can I help you?"

Minimalism: You have everything you need to start

If you have a cellphone and laptop you are all set. You don’t need an expensive camera or pro studio equipment. Neither you don’t need any sophisticated knowledge. The one-hour rule says: „If we need more than one hour to obtain hardware or learn a new skill it is an overkill. It’s just The Big Ego telling us, that we are not enough. Before you start shopping for expensive solutions check on yourself. Can I use my personal traits to help me out with this one? Maybe you can connect with people easily, maybe you’ve travelled the world, or you are an attorney who loves to sing. You can use even the most unrelated skills to make things happen. Are there any apps and tools you are using right now and enjoy using? Can you accomplish 80% of what you need with them? If the answer is yes, you have the perfect tool for you at the given time. Go for it. If not, there are dozens of free, or inexpensive solutions laying around in the real and virtual world. Grab one which will lead you to your desired destination in the most direct way possible.

Hint: Pen and paper are still unbeaten instruments for any creative endeavour.

Mindfulness: Take one step at the time

We don’t have to have it all sorted out. The truth is we never will. And that’s ok. There’s no perfect ever-after destination. point in which we’ll have it all sorted out. All there is, is just this exact moment. Make the most of it. We humans are orbiting around two basic needs - to be seen and to be understood. Not to be seen everywhere but in our authenticity. Not to be understood completely, but to be able to have dialogue (connect) with others. That’s the baseline.

Life is an open beta version of itself.

Create something, share it, learn from it. Repeat. Don’t strive for perfection. That’s The Big Ego creeping in. Strive for progress instead. It isn’t a struggle. It is evolution. Let’s evolve together. One step at a time.