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Martin Skrivanek

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Being Slow is the fastest way forward.

I'm providing my clients with a leap towards authentic and sustainable marketing of their brand. I'm founder of Slow marketing, a marketing approach of greatest joy and least resistance.


Creative work

From brand name to tone of voice. Carving new brand identities.

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Project lead

Setting the vision, strategy and flow of marketing projects.

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Mentoring and workshops

Preparing for the next level of marketing. The most efficient way possible.

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“Martin has strong inner motivation, intention and own invention. Thanks to that he is moving our project forward for the last two years. He knows how to bring emotions and authenticity to the marketing of sophisticated technological solutions. His outcomes are thought through from A to Z.”

Petr Fojtík Cofounder,

One step at a time.

I believe that there's the meaning behind everything in life. If you look back you can see your decisions like breadcrumbs leading you to where are you now.

For me, those breadcrumbs were the study of Journalism and Semiotics, Copywriting, Positive psychology, Buddhism and Design thinking. That's all that made me who I'm today. Traveller and Slow marketer.

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