Marketing as a dialog

Marketing as a dialog

The marketing is a dialog. It's a conversation with your customer, with job seeker, with business partner. But first and for most marketing is conversation with you. You need to answer three question: What are you doing? Why? How it is helping others? And how you want to feel about it?

And that's basicly it. This is the Slow marketing? And what is so special about it? It zeroed in on relationships, not just in common sense of relationship with your Customers and a team, but extended to a service (product) and purpose behind it. The second area on which Slow marketing focuses is process. There is no destination in marketing. No grande finale, after what you won't need any marketing. It is rather string of goals, milestones and... but It's never finished. Even if you post social media post, in one meaning its done, you send it and it's done. But in other, It's just starting point to another maybe better post, or any other content in the future. Everything you do is beta version for something even better in the future.

Main pillars:

  1. Work is service to other
  2. Be mindfull of your direction
  3. And enjoy the process